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“Bracebridge provided sound advice and support from start to finish. We could not have done this deal without Bracebridge and would not hesitate in recommending them”

Jon Saunders, ex-Chairman of Apollo Chemicals

Andy Moore, managing director of Bracebridge Corporate Finance advises client on the sale of his company

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Bracebridge helps you maximise value by thorough preparation, identifying the right buyer, and negotiating the best possible deal.

Andy Moore, managing director of Bracebridge speaks with client about their business sale

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With a successful track record of company sales ranging from £5m to £200m, our expert team offers hands-on advice and support to business owners, private equity firms and corporates, helping them maximise value from the sale of a company.

Sale of Apollo Chemicals Sale of Apollo Chemicals Learn More Jonathan Saunders, ex-Chairman and a previous shareholder of Apollo "Bracebridge provided sound advice and support from start to finish." Apollo Chemicals Sale of Addmaster Sale of Addmaster Learn More Paul Morris O.B.E. Founder of Addmaster "Andy helped us to negotiate a deal which represents an excellent result for the shareholders and at the same time an excellent strategic opportunity for the buyer" Addmaster Sale of Raleigh Coatings Sale of Raleigh Coatings Learn More Peter Turton, Managing Director, Raleigh Coatings "Andy stuck with us from start to finish and advised us when it was right time to sell and who the most likely buyers would be." Raleigh Coatings Sale of Dunton Environmental Sale of Dunton Environmental Learn More Bracebridge Corporate Finance advises on sale of majority equity stake in Dunton Environmental and Dunton Technologies to Soletanche Freyssinet Neil Roe, CEO of Dunton "This new partnership will provide significant benefits to all our clients because it will enable us to support them with an even wider geographic reach" Dunton Environmental Sale of Aktrion Sale of Aktrion Learn More Aktrion Andy Gray, Senior Partner with Graphite Capital "We would also like to thank Bracebridge for their advice and support throughout the sale process" Aktrion Sale of Care First Sale of Care First Learn More Neil Thorogood "We are also extremely grateful for the hands-on support provided by Bracebridge, who managed the entire sale process from start to finish" Care First

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