Exit Planning

If you are considering the sale of your business at any point in the future, we can work alongside you and make a real difference to the value and saleability of your business.

Setting your objectives

We will work with you to agree some clearly defined objectives in terms of timing of sale and value expectations. Our exit planning will then be structured towards achieving these objectives.

Exit options

We will examine the alternative exit options available to you, including a sale to a trade buyer, a sale to private equity, sale to management, restructuring of family shareholdings, or indeed an IPO. We will assess the likely appetite from trade purchasers and provide you with a detailed report and analysis on the most relevant potential purchasers.


We will undertake a healthcheck, to ensure that your business is ready for sale and to identify actions that can be taken now to improve saleability and address any potential issues.

Business planning

We will assist you with the development of a well-structured business plan, which is aligned with your objectives and identifies the growth opportunities and the resources required to achieve this growth.

Your dynamic partner leveraging 30 years of experience

Bracebridge offers the best of both worlds when it comes to selling your company. With a bedrock of experience in the corporate finance sector, we bring fantastic credibility to the table. At the same time, we are agile and flexible, enabling us to tailor our approach to the specific needs of your business.

Sale of Apollo Chemicals Sale of Apollo Chemicals Learn More Jonathan Saunders, ex-Chairman and a previous shareholder of Apollo "Bracebridge provided sound advice and support from start to finish." Apollo Chemicals Sale of Addmaster Sale of Addmaster Learn More Paul Morris O.B.E. Founder of Addmaster "Andy helped us to negotiate a deal which represents an excellent result for the shareholders and at the same time an excellent strategic opportunity for the buyer" Addmaster Sale of Raleigh Coatings Sale of Raleigh Coatings Learn More Peter Turton, Managing Director, Raleigh Coatings "Andy stuck with us from start to finish and advised us when it was right time to sell and who the most likely buyers would be." Raleigh Coatings Sale of Dunton Environmental Sale of Dunton Environmental Learn More Bracebridge Corporate Finance advises on sale of majority equity stake in Dunton Environmental and Dunton Technologies to Soletanche Freyssinet Neil Roe, CEO of Dunton "This new partnership will provide significant benefits to all our clients because it will enable us to support them with an even wider geographic reach" Dunton Environmental Sale of Aktrion Sale of Aktrion Learn More Aktrion Andy Gray, Senior Partner with Graphite Capital "We would also like to thank Bracebridge for their advice and support throughout the sale process" Aktrion Sale of Care First Sale of Care First Learn More Neil Thorogood "We are also extremely grateful for the hands-on support provided by Bracebridge, who managed the entire sale process from start to finish" Care First